The Blog and I

If you’ve gone to the trouble of getting this far, it would be rude of me not to say a thing of two about me and my blog.

I’m Rob Smart and I’m a full time engineer, working in the space industry. But full is never quite full and as much as I enjoy my work, I like to fill the gaps with other things I am passionate about.

Baking is high on the list. I love to bake tasty things that I just can’t buy, especially bread, but will turn my hand to just about any bake that has a chance of success and, frankly, some that don’t.

Having a bit of a sweet tooth, I draw great pleasure from making confectionery. Homemade sweets are always appreciated, and make the most delicious and personal of gifts.

Foraging is another of my passions. Most weekends I’m out and about looking for whatever Mother Nature offers me from her bountiful larder. Wild mushrooms are a particular favourite!

This blog is about my pursuit of these passions, but I reserve the right to prattle about anything that that takes my fancy. I hope you find it interesting, but if you don’t, then thanks for spending the time to find out anyway.