Foraging Advice

While foraging can be a most rewarding experience, without utmost care it can also lead to permanent damage to your health, put you on a transplant list or kill you in a most unappealing way. Before you forage, please consider the advise below.

  • A good way to learn how to forage safely is to attend a course or join a foraging club.
  • Attend organised forays led experts.
  • Buy a good field reference.
  • Buy a good home reference.
  • Don’t rely on photos alone for identification, especially those published on the internet.
  • Don’t just study the edible species, study the inedible and poisonous species, too.
  • Beware juvenile or old specimens, they can be notoriously difficult to identify.
  • Don’t assume that because a number of specimens grow in the same patch, that they are the same species. Good food grows next to deadly poisons.
  • Check each and every specimen in your basket.
  • Don’t experiment on yourself or on others.
  • If you are not absolutely certain what a specimen is, don’t eat it, just study it.

Click the link below to contact the South Cambs Fungus Group.