Cabello de Angel

With Autumn just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what to do with all of the beautiful pumpkins that are starting to appear in the shops and farmers’ markets. While I’m not above carving a pumpkin when the time is right, I tend to spend a bit more time working out how best to eat them.

One particular variety that I’ve noticed is the spaghetti pumpkin, so called because it flesh is made up of spaghetti-like strings. While a bit alien to us Brits, the Spanish have been making good use of these strange squash to make a delightful jam they call Cabello de Angel or Angel’s Hair. A little less acid than most jams, it’s typically used in traditional Spanish pastries.

Spaghetti pumpkins

Cabello de Angel looks a bit like marmalade, but contains soft string-like pieces of pumpkin flesh.

Finished Cabello de Angel

So far I’ve only used my Cabello de Angel in these kolache, topped with currants and berries. I’ll be turning my attention toward some Spanish pastries soon.



You’ll find the recipe for Cabello de Angel here.